Goals of Biology Department

Category: Background of Biology Department


ü  To create the best possible learning environment for students and faculty in the area of biology. To entice all members of the biology department staff, and students to join in actively creating and sustaining a positive, supportive environment where we facilitate learning.

Goal 1. Increasing enrollment and promote student success in biological science

ü  Increase the number of undergraduate majors in the department

ü  Maintain and promote well founded graduate and undergraduate programs

ü  Increase the number of graduate students, open PhD. Programs

ü  Develop and maintain programs and resources that promote quality graduate education at a national level

Goal 2. Prepare students for careers in biological sciences and to participate in public service

ü  Providing current and exciting undergraduate, graduate, and pre-professional curricula

ü  Active and timely students advising

ü  Undergraduate research opportunities

ü  Strong mentoring of graduate and undergraduate students

ü  Relevant practicum and internship opportunities       

Goal 3. Strengthen academic quality and reputation of the department

ü  Increase support for graduate student participation at meeting with travel support

ü  Increase the number of graduate students who receive competitive scholarship and awards

ü  Encourage collaborations among faculty in the department, across campus, with other universities in state, region and globally.

ü  Make additional senior hires that will enhance our national reputation, and provide leadership in applying for and being awarded grants.

ü  Continue to support all faculty in their teaching, research, and community service

Goal 4. Expand and enhance research and creative scholarship in biological science

ü  Continue to foster a department ethics that encourages collaborations among faculty in the department, across campus and globally

ü  Develop state of the art laboratories facilities for each core research area

Goal 5. Further outreach and community service

ü  Continue to actively participate in programs that send the message about 'what we do' in biological science to students in elementary and high schools.

ü  Interact with the public and government on those issues where our scientific expertise can address key local, regional and national issues.

ü  Continue to support an alumni affairs person within the department to better mentain contact with our alumni.

Goal 6. Increase and minimize resources

ü  Encourage faculty to consider developing infrastructure improvement grants   

ü  Continue to develop funds to support new staff positions that help with teaching lab prep and coordination to better accommodate enrollments in laboratory classes

ü  Continue to develop our assessment mechanisms for our undergraduate and graduate programs

ü  Continue to contact and develop relationships with donors, including alumni with the ability enhance our scholarship and endowed chair funding base

Goal 7. Generate and disseminate knowledge across the spectrum of biological sub disciplines

ü  Enhance both doctoral and masters program

ü  International collaborations and participations in national and regional committees and panels