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Published on Tuesday, 06 February 2018 06:10
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  1. Academics and Researches

One of the most important activities of department of Earth Sciences is conducting a teaching and learning processes and researches that can advance the understanding of Earth’s dynamic nature and history. The department has been building itself with better man power and materials that can enhance these objectives. Hereunder are the major academic and research activities our department is committed to.

 §  Geological mapping

 §  Geophysical investigations

 §  Engineering Geological Investigations

 §  Groundwater resource exploration, development and management

 §  Rock & mineral hand specimens, thin and polished section Interpretation

 §  Appraisal of Mineral and Rock Resources

 §  Water Testing and analysis

 §  Environmental impact assessments

 §  Geochemichal investigations

Beside the teaching and learning activities, our department has been involved in research activities that contribute a lot to the scientific community. The following are list of researches published under the department of Earth Sciences.

  1. Community Services

The attributes of community services are believed to be one of the core objectives of department of Earth Science’s. The department is committed to solving real problems and making a difference in the lives of our University and our neighbours. So far, the department have offered trainings on Groundwater potential site selection using geological, hydrogeological, geophysical and remote sensing for professionals from different parts of the country.

Field works