The Collage of Engineering and Technology at Wollega University is home to faculty on the cutting edge of teaching and research and students who bring fresh perspectives to the laboratory and the class room. Their collective discoveries are the foundation for the next generation of technological advances, from developing renewable energy to exploring new areas of automation and using robotics as scaffolding for technology on the mechatronics scale.

Our focus is our students and providing them with a word- class education and hands on experience through research, internships, and student club activities. The success of our undergraduate and graduate programs is guided by our distinguished faculty, who continue to set the standard for excellence at Engineering and Technology in the fields of expertise. Our approach reflects the  educational needs of the 21st century- a commitment to life-long learning, the ability to work in multidisciplinary settings with a variety of people ,integration of research and teaching, and an appreciation of creativity and innovation in everything we do

We are inventors, authors, researchers, and industry veterans, all focused on training the next generation to work smart and dream big.

Our students’ creativity and determination are evidenced by our continued success in such student competitions are the society of Automotive Engineers Design Competition considered a “young” engineering collage set in dynamic landscape of the new East Africa; we invite you to help us define the future.

                                                                                                         Mr.Gutu Ofga,

                                                                                                   Den Collage of Engineering and Technology,

                                                                                                            Wollega University