College of Engineering and Technology under Wollega University offers undergraduate and graduate programs to prepare students for a broad spectrum of professional careers in engineering, laboratory experience as well as real-world participation in technological problem solving activities. The college has started teaching in 2000 E.C academic year. The students were enrolled under the program of Surveying Technology, Civil Engineering and Information Technology and Architecture Design Technology at the start of the College. The college is continuing to open new programs since then and currently it is offering 12 major programs composed under 12 departments. The aim of the college is to produce highly skilled professional engineers and technologists who can lead and play role in the economic development of the country in a responsible manner. Therefore, the college persists in working hard to generate graduate that are well appropriate to help out in realizing the country’s vision. 

The college is delivering an applied, value based and  student cantered learning experience with the implementation of continues assessments and students’ team work plan  that enables the college to produce all rounded innovative engineers & technology leaders with the skills, excitement and courage to make change in the country.

Vision of the college

College of Engineering and Technology - Wollega University; aspires to become the top 25 institute by 2025 E.C in Africa in producing competent and innovative Engineers and Technologists,who are adapting new and relevant knowledge to development  with holistic admiration of technical skills to enhance technology transfer and progress.

Mission of the college

·    To produce professionally competent and innovative Engineers and Technologists in various disciplines through practical experience by providing value-based quality education.

·     To provide the readily acceptable quality trained manpower to meet the requirements of the National and International industry in the areas of engineering and technology as well as for research and community service

·         To develop strong collaboration with academic and research institutes as well as industry in the country and abroad, by creating strong scientific relations: exchanging technologies, ideas and research outputs.

Core Values

·          Innovation and creativity

·         Academic freedom

·         quality

·         Empowering

·         Democratization

·         Diversity

·         Team spirit

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