Labiratory and Facilities

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Labs and Facilities

Our department is showing a significant development and building well-equipped labs for studies in petrography, petrology, mineralogy, palaeontology, geochemistry, engineering geology, geophysics and GIS and remote sensing.

§  Petrography Lab

§  Petrology Lab

§  Engineering Geology lab

§  Paleontology Lab

§  Hydro-geochemistry Lab

§  GIS and remote sensing Lab

Petrography Lab

earth science field2In our petrography lab, we offer a wide variety of analysis options to both thin and polished sections.We are teaching our students for indepth understanding of the minerals by using their optical properties they have under petrographic Microscope and Reflected Light Microscope to identify oxides. In addition to the analysis works we have been doing till now, we are considering to establish new well equipped labs that can prepare the sections.

Figure: The 2nd year Geology students using the petrographic microscope to identify mineralogy, texture, and identification of rock type. 

GIS and remote sensing Lab

The GIS and remote sensing laboratory is a Computerized system established to support the educational and research activities in geological sciences, spatial analysis, and land use land cover using Geographical Information Systems. This area also serves as a major node of the interdepartmental GIS resource at UCR, as well as the location of a number of GIS course work and information servers.

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