Wallaga University Graduation Ceremony-2022. Eebba Barattoota Univervarsiitii Wallaggaa

July 16, 2022

FIB Jijjiiramoota fi Mul'ata Yuuniversiitii Wallaggaa

June 19, 2021




news blink Walharkaa Fuudhiinsi Haroo Soorgaa taasifame


Guyyaa har’aa (10/12/2014) Bulchiinsa Magaalaa Naqamtee gaaffii Yuunivarsiitii Wallaggaa Haroo Soorgaa miisoomsuu, barnootaafii qorannoof itti fayyadamuuf waggoota sadeetii oliif dhiheessaa turee 

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news blinkWURH: Administration Board meeting

photo 2022-08-11 08-32-29

Wallaga University Referral Hospital's (WURH) Administration board evaluated 2014 plan execution report and held discussion on 2015 E.C work plan and related issues. Dr Diriba Diba, Vice president for Research, Community Service and Industry Linkage, 

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CET Training on Research Project Grant Writing

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College of Engineering and Technology has successfully conducted training on “Research Project Grant Writing” to its Academic staff College of Engineering and Technology (CET) of our University had planned to organize 

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 news blinkDear Excellences, invited guests and graduates

graduation 2022

 Wallaga University start to function in 2007 with a mission of producing competent and innovative professionals in various disciplines through practical, lifelong learning, engaging in research, technology transfer, community services and promote good governance to thedevelopment endeavors.  

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We have finalized preparation for graduation day

qophii eebba 2022

We have finalized preparation for graduation day, planned to be held on 9/11/2014 (16/07/2022). Our Staff and students are ready to welcome our Guests.

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Wollega University Annual National Research Conference

Wollega University annual research conference has successfully completed. "This was a great research conference” many of the participants have sent to me. Thank you for being so positive! All those who contributed to the research conference: I would like to thank you for all your excellent work!

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