Wallaga University Graduation Ceremony-2022. Eebba Barattoota Univervarsiitii Wallaggaa

July 16, 2022

FIB Jijjiiramoota fi Mul'ata Yuuniversiitii Wallaggaa

June 19, 2021




 news blinkWallaga University management in collaboration with the University's Students' Union is Welcomig Freshman students

new Students1Manajimantiin Yuunivarsiitii Wallaggaa Gamtaa Barattootaa Yuunivarsiitichaa waliin ta'uun barattoota haaraa (bara 2016)Yuunivarsiitii Wallaggaatti ramadaman Anaa Dhufuu jechuun simannaa ho'aa taasiseef. Itti aanaa Piresidaantii Bulchiinsaa Yuunivarsiitii Wallaggaa kan ta'an Dr Kabbadee Namoomsaa barattootaan baga gara Yuunivarsiitii Wallaggaa fi Magaalaa guddoo Wallagga Bahaa, Naqamteetti Yuunivarsiitii Wallaggaa filattanii nagaan dhuftanii jedhan. Yuunivarsiitiin Wallaggaa gama barnootaafi bulchiinsaan qophii isaa xumuree isin eegaa ture. 

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news blinkThe management of the university has discussed with the advisory council on different agendas

council1Dr. Hassan Yusuf, the president of the university, has told the members of the advisory council that there is a plan to host a reception for the new students in the 2016 academic year and students who were students in the 2015 remedial program on November 17 and 18/2016. Students who are above 2nd year have entered September 20 and 21; and health science students have returned to campus after the 12th grade exam.

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news blinkWURH Adminstration Board endorsed SBFR for implementation 

wuhsWallaga University Referral Hospitals’ (WURH) Chief Executive Director, Dr. Temesgen Tilahun, briefed the hospital's administration board members about a newly designed and unique national pilot project: System Bottlenecks Focused Reform (SBFR), mainly focus and intervene on system level major bottlenecks through introducing measurable high impact positive system changes (concepts and interventions) while creating clear strategic alignments and Integrations among key stakeholders with defined responsibilities and accountability mechanisms. 

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 news blinkFull_ProfessorshipDr. Repalle's of a senior staff of Wallaga University has been approved

Dr. Repalle's 1Repalle Venkata Naga Srinivasa Rao (Associate Professor) with an Indian Nationality Working in the Department of Mathematics, College of Natural and Computational Sciences, Wallaga University has been serving the university since October 2017.Regarding Dr. Repalle's contribution in teaching and learning, he has been offering courses and supervizing research works of PhD students in the stream of Graph Theory and Algorithms. In doing so, he has successfully completed Ph.D. advisership with two Assistant Professors of the department and he has four Ph.D. 

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