Wallaga University Graduation Ceremony-2022. Eebba Barattoota Univervarsiitii Wallaggaa

July 16, 2022

FIB Jijjiiramoota fi Mul'ata Yuuniversiitii Wallaggaa

June 19, 2021




 news blink Cisco Academy trainees certified

Cisco Academy trainees certified2Wallagga University ICT development office has certified the second batch of 2022 Cisco Networking Academy 39 trainees. The trainees were drawn from students, internal technical, admin and academic staff, and worke

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news blinkScholar’s discussion has started in our university with the title "Role of intellectuals in nation building

Scholar’s discussion stage has ended in our university3

Mr. Million Mateos, who started the discussion stage, is the chairman of our university board and the one who presented the ideas of the discussion and directions of the government focused on national issues, is Dr. Eyob Tekalign, the minister of finance and economy.

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news blinkAnhi Antai Technology Co. Ltd. (A.P.G.)

Pirojeektiin Dareewwan barnootaa Ismaart xumuramanii Yuunivarsiitiitti dabarfaman1The contractor, Anhi Antai Technology Co. Ltd. (A.P.G.), handed over the Project, Collaborative Smart Classroom Solution, an advanced technology implementation, which includes Smart Hardware, Software and Multimedia Content designed to assist teachers, students and management  

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news blink STRI held research review

STRI held research review1Wallaga University Science and Technology Research Institute held a one day research review program at the University's Incubation center. Wallaga University Science and Technology research institute is one of the research institutes established under Wallaga University Research, Community Engagement and University Industry Linkage Office.

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