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The department of Mathematics and Statistics Program) came into existence from the   inception of the Wollega University, established in the year 2007 G.C. as department of Computational Science (Mathematics and Statistics Program). The main objective; to train qualified, adaptable, motivated and responsible Mathematicians; who will contribute to the scientific and technological development of our country. 

The department of Mathematics, Wollega University has been running both B.Sc and B.Ed. degree programme in Mathematics since 2007G.C with an intake of 49 students and 7 teachers with one Master’s degree and other with B.Sc and B.Ed degree, the second degree (M.Sc) programme in Applied Mathematics with Analysis Differential Equation and Numerical Analysis Specialization launched in the year 2014 and the third degree (Ph.D) programme in applied Mathematics with Mathematical Modeling by using ODE and Graph Theory, Fluid Dynamics (Mathematical Modeling by using PDE) and Numerical Analysis Specialization launched in 2015 G.C. Today the department has More than 1818 students in regular, summer, weekend and distance programs and 07 associate professors, 02 assistance professors and   15 MSc. holders.


The Department of Mathematics in line with the vision of the university aspires to be a leading academic center of excellence in Africa by 2025 E.C.


Strong mathematical background has always been fundamentally important for all science and engineering students. With such a realization,our mission is to provide students experiences in mathematics that will empower them to succeed in an ever changing society. This is accomplished through our commitment to excellent teaching, a well-designed curriculum, and a supportive environment. To support our mission, we are committed to professional development, ongoing curriculum assessment and design, effective teaching techniques, and the use of technology to supplement instruction.


Our objective is totrain mathematicians at any level who have the interest and motivations to learn Mathematics; to discover possibilities of applying mathematical theories in different fields of science; Conduct research in pure and applied mathematics; to meet the market demands in a quickly changing world, to take jobs everywhere there, where a mathematician is needed or a person with highly developed algorithmic thinking and skills in solving problems.

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