The department is offering two programs: Accounting and Finance and Banking and Finance, since the inception of the University. The department has grown in quality and quantity in leaps and bounds from its commencement. The department began with 76 students and 12 instructors (all with BA holders) in both programs. Since, the professionals of the department are remarkably demanded in the market as a result of economic globalization, innovation of technologies in financial services, and need for information for investment decisions, the number of graduates of the department increases with increasing rates. In past years, about 1100 students were graduated with first degree from this department. Besides, 6 students were graduated with 2nd degree in MBA in Banking and Finance. Currently in Accounting and Finance, regular (259), evening (1367), weekend (702) and distance (180), students have been attending their studies for first degree. Furthermore, 137 students are enrolled in banking and finance programs. The department has started 2nd degree programs to produce more qualified professionals for the growing challenges in financial aspects. To facilitate this activity, the department has 13 master degree and 4 Ph.D. (all expatriates) degree holders of academic staff.