Academic Programs

CoBE have 11 undergraduate degree programs, 10Masters Degree and 2 PhD degree programs in six departments. All the bachelor degree programs are admitting students in regular modality. In addition, Accounting and Finance, Economics and Management programs have evening and weekend modality in undergraduate programs. All the masters’ degree programs except MPA and Cooperative Business Management have admitted students both in regular and weekend programs. The PhD programs are regular programs admitting full-time students.


Academic Programs

Bachelor Degree

Masters Degree

Doctoral Degree

Accounting and Finance

1.      Accounting and Finance

2.      Banking and Finance

1.      Masters of Accounting and Finance

2.      Masters of Banking and Finance



3.      Logistics and Supply chain management

4.      Marketing Management

5.      Administrative Service and Technology Management System

3.      Masters of Marketing Management

4.      Maters of Logistics and Supply Chain Management



6.      Cooperatives Accounting and Auditing

7.      Cooperatives Business management

5.      Masters of Cooperative Business Management



8.      Economics

6.      Masters of Development Economics

7.      Masters of Agricultural Economics

1.      PhD in Development Economics


9.      Management

10.  Hotel and Tourism Management

8.      Masters of Business Administration

9.      Masters Degree in Human Resource Management

2.      PhD in Management

Public Administration and Development Management

11.  Public Administration and Development Management

10.  Masters of Public Administration (MPA)