architectureArchitectural Design Technology started in 2007 by enrolling 20 students: 15 male and 5 female. However this program has phased out and architecture program opened   in 2009/2010 academic year. Thus, Architecture is active program with 262 students including graduating classes.

Architecture program is a 5 year program including academic classes and a semester practical internship. Thus, it is a two-level program which is spread over 10 semesters. The first is the formative level (Semester 1-6) which is aimed at developing the students oral, written, visual and graphic presentation skills and technical knowledge necessary for perception and expression of ideas in architectural design and construction methods. The second level is the consolidation level (semester 7-10) that inculcate an in-depth perception of architecture as an activity in time and space, and develop ability to design functions with an awareness of contextual issues involved in various facets of architecture.

The Program is running by 13 professionals of different levels and qualifications; Architectural Design Technologists and Architects and 1 expatriate staff.


o    Our Mission is to achieve excellence in producing highly qualified, competent, creative and committed professionals and researchers who could play a leading role in the social and economic development of the country in a continuous basis.


o    To become a premier institution Wollega University in Architecture and Urban Planning Professional Education, Consultancy, Training, Research and Community Services to the development of urban areas and Socio-economic transformation goals of Ethiopia.

Entry Requirement

The candidates should successfully complete the preparatory pro­gram (10+2) and pass an entrance exam in the first week of his/her arrival at the University. The passing mark will be on quota basis depending on the Department‘s enrolment capacity.