Electrical1In the modern-days, development of a country mainly depends on the development of the industries. The development of these sectors significantly depends on the standard of technical education nurtured by the universities and the technical institutes of the country. It is observed that most of the devel­oped countries maintain a strong relationship between the universities and the industries. It is believed that the universities are the gateway of new technologies. Universities develop new technologies and by co-operating with indus­tries they implement these technologies to raise the standard and effectiveness of the industry. Universities take the responsibilities to provide technical human resources for the industries of any country.

ElectricalThe Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECEg) is one of the largest departments in the College of Engineering and Technology in xxx University. The Department has been serving the country and also advanced the University’s reputation. It has trained a significant number of Electrical and Computer Engineers in the country who are playing key roles in the various sectors of development in the country.

The core Strategy of the Department is to pursue its vision and mission to enhance its research, linkage with industry, academic and scholarly activities and become a center of excellence for its programs, thereby improving its eminence in national and international rankings.


The EENG Department is preparing young men and women to lead productive and rewarding professional lives at the forefront of Engineering in the 21st century and pursues research and linkage with the industry to advance the state-of-the-art in electrical engineering education.

The main study direction:

q  Taking into consideration the requirements of modern industries the department has realized that there is a need to implement the following four specializations (streams) in the present undergraduate engineering course.

Ø   Communication Engineering,

Ø   Electrical Power Engineering,

Ø   Computer Engineering, and

Ø   Industrial Control Engineering,

q  The coverage of these specialized areas will be given during the last three or four semesters of the present B.Sc. engineering course.