constractionThe Department of Construction Technology and Management is one of the five departments in the Wollega university main campus of the college of Engineering. A construction project in present times is becoming a complex and risk-laden venture. It involves the expenditure of a large sum of capital as well as the application of technologies of which many are aware, some are conversant, but few are expert. Construction management evolved from construction site management as a professional practice distinct from design in response to these increasing complexities in the construction industry.


In effect, it has become a common trend today to see projects running to difficulties in terms of meeting their contractual requirements such as completion time, budgetary limitations, and quality of work.

So the vision of the CoTM department is through achieving its academic mission modernizing our country’s construction industry, in which the projects meet their contractual requirement.


The mission of the Construction Technology and Management and (CT&M) Department at Wollega University is to provide quality programs for preparing nationally competitive undergraduate students for a successful career in construction. The programs are designed to provide educational, research and outreach opportunities that serve both the needs of our students and those of the construction industry.