About the Department of Urban Planning and Development

architecture1The program aims to provide innovative courses that address existing developmental needs of society and support government policies in Ethiopia. Thus, Urban and regional planning program is mainly expected to produce skilled full, intellectually minded and ethical professionals of urban and regional planners for the country. It also  ensure that students have the knowledge and skills to conduct interdisciplinary research in a professional capacity, and guide change processes appropriate to different planning and development contexts.

Thus, the program is designed to provide an initial education in the field of urban and regional planning. It is intended to prepare students for a career in government or private enterprise employment, and for further professional studies and research.

The general objective of the program is to train Urban and Regional Planners equipped with conceptual and practical knowledge and skill to carry out regional and urban development activities including preparations of Action, Strategic, Structural, Local Development Plans (LDP) and other statutory Urban and Regional Development Plans.

Thus, the Bachelor of Urban and Regional Planning aims to:

Equip students with the professional knowledge and skills to work effectively as urban and regional planners in a variety of agencies.


Our Mission is to achieve excellence in producing highly qualified, competent, creative and committed professionals and researchers who could play a leading role in the social and economic development of the country in a continuous basis.


To become a premier institution Wollega University in Architecture and Urban Planning Professional Education, Consultancy, Training, Research and Community Services to the development of urban areas and Socio-economic transformation goals of Ethiopia.

Entry Requirement

The candidates should successfully complete the preparatory pro­gram (10+2).