Mechanical Engineering Department of Wollega University has been established in 2003 E.C, with the objective of responding to the need for rapid industrialization and the changing societal needs of the country for sustainable development.

Mechanical Engineering profession can be acquired and mastered by graduates who are well educated to enter into, and dedicated to continue growing in the profession. An undergraduate Mechanical Engineering program meant to produce such graduates must be designed to provide to the students a sufficiently broad and deep base of mathematics, physical sciences, and engineering sciences; broad knowledge of mechanical engineering systems, machineries and control systems; excellent knowledge of design and manufacturing theories supported by extensive laboratory exercises, workshop practices, and industrial internship; sufficient practices in the use of computers, mechatronics devices and application of software related to the field; sufficient knowledge of management concepts and communication skills, etc. Currently Manufacturing Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Motor Vehicle Engineering Mechanical Design and Thermal Engineering streams are active. 

In addition the following streams are main study direction of Mechanical Engineering Department.

  • Product Design and/or Applied Mechanics
  • Material Science
  • Manufacturing Engineering/ Technology
  • Thermal and Power Plant
  • Fluid Machinery
  • Maintenance Engineering
  • Automotive Engineering
  • Aeronautical Engineering
  • Mechatronics and/or Robotics
  • Production Systems Management
  • Sugar Engineering and manufacturing
  • Railway Systems Engineering
  • Agro machinery and processing
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Energy Technology/Engineering

Facilities at Mechanical Department

Mechanical Department holds computer lab with various mechanical software’s (AutoCAD, Automation, C++ Etc.,). There are 60 computers in the lab with internet connections, So the students can able to access the lab for their project work, research, and also the academic purposes. This lab is on KEIZAN implementation, so that the department is trying to provide a world class environment for the students.

1.1. Materials Testing Lab

The strength of materials equipment is used in laboratory work of students Mechanical Engineering degree program. The experiments they carry out allow the students to validate the theoretical relationships introduced in lectures, and usually involve an element of data presentation and analysis.

In general we have one of each piece of equipment and the students, working in groups of three or four, rotate through the experiments over a semester. Oral or written reports are submitted. A number of items of equipment can yield research quality data, and these are used by postgraduate research students, often as part of the characterization stage of their work.

1.2.Mechanics Laboratory

The laboratory sessions help visualization and principles that are learnt in the lecture class. Students work in small groups and rotate from one apparatus to another on a week-by-week basis during the year. Written reports are submitted and grades awarded for these contribute to the students overall mark for the Mechanics module been taken.

Mechanics is concerned with the precise definition and measurement of space, time, mass and force as well as their interrelations. The Mechanics laboratory contains experimental apparatus that highlight some of the fundamental principles of engineering. The uses of the principles learnt in this laboratory are wide ranging. Design engineers around the world use these principles on a daily basis.

1.3.Machine shop Lab

All undergraduate students in the Mechanical Engineering Department will attend the machine shop at least one semester during their time in college. In Mechanical Engineering Department, a modern workshop facility which supports the teaching and research activities in the engineering field is available. Equipment in our workshop includes milling and Lathe, drilling machines, manual milling and turning, welding, surface grinding equipment and general fabrication facilities.

Industrial visit

Department of Mechanical Engineering is always keen on arranging Industrial Visit for all the students in various organizations, to update their knowledge with the curriculum based subjects. Generally, Industrial Visit  helps to gain the first hand information regarding function of industry and provides opportunity to plan, organize and engage in activity in learning experiences both inside and outside the class room with real working environment. It also helps them to develop the interpersonal skill and communication. In such a way that the department has arranged a astonishing two days visit to Oromia seed enterprises, Nekemtee for their third year students and fourth year students based on the curriculum subject with the supportive help of Department head Mr. Tedasee and the teacher Mr. Narasiman. The students have learned the practical experience as per the latest trend which is available in Ethiopian industries. Figure shows Manager, Asst manager, Technician with Subject teacher in Oromia seed enterprises, Nekemtee. The Assistant manager who is giving brief explanation about the company with daily activity