About the Department of Food technology and Process engineering

  • To train qualified graduates at B.Sc. degree level in Food Technology Process Engineering both in theory and practice that would actively contribute to the economic, social and political developments of Ethiopia, particularly in the food sector. To provide tailor-made skill of food products processing technology by effective theoretical knowledge and a great deal laboratory practice in all relevant subjects.
  • To produce graduates that are rewarded who are able to cooperate in problem-solving, applied research related in all fields of food processing technology.
  • To produce graduates who are well equipped with skill and basic knowledge in Food Science, Technology, and processing and capable of integrating the gained knowledge and applying it fruitfully for the benefit of the society and the country, with professional ethics in their mind and responsibilities in their related career practices or in doing research and development.
  • To produce graduates with knowledge and skills that meet the international standards of Food Technologists capable of applying the knowledge in their fields having a global vision and capability of continuing studies and conducting demand driven and problem solving research in food process industries so that contribute the improvement of national food security, post harvest losses and commercialization of agricultural produce for the betterment of livelihoods.
  • To produce graduates with high qualification to serve the market that needs high sense of responsibility to themselves and society, high discipline and creativity.
  • To produce graduates with capabilities of conducting research and development in Food Technology Process Engineering, upgrade traditional food processing, transfer and adapt /adopt appropriate modern technologies; initiate technological innovation to developing their own.
  • To produce graduates with integrated knowledge of science, technology, engineering and management of food products processing and ability of contributing professional guidance in policy makers and regulatory agencies


Our department is engaged in delivering excellent programs of teaching, research, and outreach to improve lives and opportunities of citizens of the region and country.  The institute is committed to advance the economic, nutritional, and healthy well-being of the people in the region and the country through value-added research and education in food science, nutrition.


To become an excellent study program in the country and to produce competent graduates in East Africa