Awareness creation training

gender4Gender Directorate Affairs Office of WU has given one day training for 120 Nekemte city administrators and stake holders on how to mainstream gender and research outputs of gender related policy issues. The training will familiarize the administrators with the concept of how to mainstream gender issues and with the various policy issues that have been existing at international and national level in order to implement it in theirstructures, plans and activities as well. 

 ü  Training given for 12thgrade completed students

gender5Training was given for12th grade completed female students of NekemteTown for 92 students who have been preparing themselves to join higher institutions on the Challenges and Opportunities of campus life and Life skills issues for one day at main campus of Wollega University. The main objective of the training was to give awareness on the different challengesespecially on those challenges that female students may face while they join higher institution since they are new for the environment and campus life. It will enable them as they have to prepare themselves psychologically not to be victims of the challenges and not easily influenced by the lack of information.

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