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Wollega University Signed MOU with Oromia Tourism Commission

Wollega University is working with numerous partners on several issues.To engage in research, eco-tourism and to set knowledge driven and evidence based development of tourism in Oromia   region in general and western parts in areas of  tourist attractions found along different routes in particular, Wollega University -  entered into an MoU with Oromia Tourism Commission recently.  A general agreement was reached on transforming the tourism and hospitality sectorand also on specific areas of expanding the existing tourism related program and identifying tourist destinations. Dr Hasan Yusuf, Wollega University-President and Commissioner Lelise Dhuga, Oromia tourism Commissioner, said the MoU will help initiate an Exchange of experts and Training programme for staffs from both parties, with practical knowledge about the intricacies of eco-tourism and exchange of academic personnel.

According to Dr. Hasan Yusuf, apart from cooperative development activities and design of courses, conferences, symposia or academic programmes, the memorandum also facilitates exchange of academic or materials and publications of common interest. He also emphasized on the occasion that the collaboration will boost the setting up of Oromo arts and music archives underway in Wollega University -School of arts study under the Institute of Languages Study.
Dr Hasan still stressed that the MoU envisages in building and maintaining an updated knowledge data base in the field of arts, music, and theater. "Such working collaboration makes the tourism industry more visible and vibrant” he added. 

Commissioner Lelise, on her part said the MoU will contribute to upgrading the training content on tourism, hotel management and structured approach in the fields mentioned and devise various strategies to strengthen the overall environment to combat tourism risks in western Ethiopia.
  She also added that synergy of the two institutions will help in evolving a learning process which will mutually be favorable to both parties. 

Generally, the MOU was established to help each other to accomplish mutually the following major areas for collaboration:

  •       Undertaking of joint research activities and publications 
  •     Generating basic and ongoing evidence and knowledge on tourism development with particular focus on competitiveness, sustainability and related policy issues;
  •       Integration of tourism into academic curriculum with inbuilt ongoing capacity for alignment with or responsive to current and future or projected growth and development needs and demands of tourism industry in Oromia region;
  •    Building capabilities, skills and competence of local level tourism development actors (government, management of destinations, community leaders, youth and other operators); and Sharing learning and perspectives on tourism development with a focus on competitiveness, sustainability and related policy issues through initiating and running symposia, seminars, workshops and conferences, and Promote exchange of information, materials and scientific information in fields of interest.

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