2022 Free_Legal_Aid_Prooject_Launched@Nekemte Gimbi towns

2022 Free Legal Aid Prooject Launched@Nekemte Gimbi towns1Wollega University, School of Law has been rendering Free Legal Aid services (Legal Aid) free of charge for those who cannot afford the regular legal services for different reasons starting from 2003 E.C. with the vision of ensuring access to justice for all. The Free Lega Aid has also aimed at ensuring the human rights of all are respected without discrimination. The service includes legal advice, preparation of pleading, court representation, awareness creation, and translation services. The beneficiaries of the service include: women, children, vulnerable and poor people, IDPs, refugees, elders, people who live with HIV Virus, and people with disability.

Accordingly, provide legal services to the needy the University's School of Law established about 23 centers in three Wollega zones and West Shewa zone. To effectively render necessary aid, the school has established strong partnerships with different stakholders operating both at local and international level such as: UNHCR, Oromia Supreme Court, and Oromia Justice bureau.

Partnership with the UNHCR

2022 Free Legal Aid Prooject Launched@Nekemte Gimbi towns2Since Mid of 2020, UNHCR has signed partnership agreement with Wollega University on access to justice for internally displaced persons (IDPs) and host communities in East, West and Horo Guduru Wollega zones. The institutions are implementing together a project seeks to ensure access to quality free legal assistance and legal remedies that will facilitate the sustainable reintegration of IDPs. It has been providing free legal aid services for IDPs, returnees and host communities so that they can enjoy access to justice and enhance their legal knowledge to exercise their rights and provides them with some remedies including the issuance of civil documentations.

The centers established at different zones and towns are as follows: East/W/Zone Correction Center, Jimma Arjo, Sasiga, Gidda Ayana, Sibu Sire, Anno, Bako, Gedo, Nekemte High Court, Kiltu Kara, Boji Dirmaji, Nejo, Kiramu, Amuru, Mendi, Gimbi, Haro Limu, W/W/Zone Correction Center, H/G/W/Zone Correction Center, Harato, Shambu, and Guduru. Out of these centers 14 of them are being fully supported by UNHCR (Nekemte, Sasiga, Gimbi, Nejo, Mendi, Gida Ayana, Haro Limu, Kiltu Kara, Boji Dirmaji, Kiramu, Amuru, Sibu Sire, Shambu, and East Wollega Correction Center.

The 2022 budget year Project titled as Attaining Protection, Safety and Access to Justice for IDPs was launched in collaboration with UNHCR at Wollega University, main campus and Gimbi Campus on 28 and 30 March 2022 respectively for the centers under two Wollega zones. Very soon, the project will be launched at Shambu campus.

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