Five Days Training on “Transformational Leadership Skills Development”

Leadrship 2The Centre for Assessment, Training and Development of Wollega University organized five days training on “Transformational Leadership Skills Development” on 23-27 December 2016. The training focused on enhancing the transformational Leadership Skills Development.  The discussions include boundary spanning and leadership, characteristics of organizational leadership, emotional intelligence, conversation of leaders-listening, breakthrough initiatives, integral approach, and projects on boundary spanning and breakthrough initiatives.

Leadrship 3The participants were able to improve their understanding on differentiate between usual and unusual thinking; span organizational boundary for integrated leadership;  develop perspectives in boundary spanning; co- ask, co- plan, and co- create; and create community of learning. The participants identified and commented six practical and institutional projects as part of group activities during the training. These projects are transformation leadership development, automation of Wollega university human resource management, green and clean environment, establishing two multi-purpose training halls, transforming class room and library services and quality teaching and learning.

Dr.Waqgari Negari, Director, Centre for leadership and Governance, Ethiopian Civil Service University, Addis Ababa provided this training. More than fifty participants attended this training. The participants included President, Vice Presidents, Deans, Directors, Vice Directors.

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