ICT support and Maintenance

One of the basic activity done by ICTDO office is to offer a reliable and timely ICT service to the user.  The user support unit of ICTDO  is responsible in planning and coordinating activities to fully satisfy the user in terms of proper utilization of hardware, software and network  services.

Roles and responsibilities:

  • Single point of contact for ICT related issues, problems, requests … 
  • Provide quick services to its users, provide problem identification, support and resolution functions to its customers
  • Record, monitor problems being reported to ICT,  update users on status of problems, and report
  • on service level metrics for services provided
  • Compile a knowledge base of problems and solutions, for use by first level support personnel
  • Track and report on Service Level performance that it achieves and ICT delivers
  • Maintain failed office equipment (printer, ups, computer, laptops, phones, network devices)
  • Perform preventive maintenance regularly
  • Keep an inventory of maintained and replaced items
  • Prepare depreciation, discarding and replacement plan for equipment.

This team composed of

Senior and Junior Technicians

  • Senior and junior technicians are responsible to provide reliable and timely user support .The main task of technicians is to plan preventive and proactive PC hardware, software and networking maintenance for the user. In this group the following ICT support technicians will perform the activities
  •       Hardware technicians
  •       Software technicians
  •       Network technicians
  • Daily activities that will be done by these members:
  •   ·  Receive user requests for hardware, software and network maintenance from user
  •   ·  Perform preventive maintenance for all university ICT resources(printer,copier,fax,computer,etc)
  •   ·  Provide on-site support to end users if required
  •   ·  organize network installation activities
  •   ·  Request material resources required for end-user support
  •    ·Provide individual training and support on request to the users
  •   ·  Install application and system software for user as required
  •    ·Resolving incident as first line support  and advice to user
  •   · Troubleshoot problems and takes appropriate measures
  •  ·  Forward unattended problems to the responsible body (system/network administrators)
  •   ·  Provide direction to new users of existing technology
  •   · Train staff about potential uses newly emerged technology
  •   ·  Provide advice about purchase of ICT resources /electronic device specification
  •  ·   Perform preventive maintenance for all university ICT resources(printer, copier, fax, computer, etc)
  •   ·  Perform other tasks assigned to them by their supervisor
  •      To offer proper user support, the team members are assigned on different focal points .This will be on
  •      Administration Office area
  •      College level
  •      Library 
  •      Click here to see the full staff profile of the unit
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