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Graduation 2017

6O3A4842Wollega University has held graduation ceremony of 2009 E.C at three of its campuses. To this effect, on June 24/2009 E.C more than 2500 students have graduated at Nekemte , main campus . Both the under graduated  and post graduate students who learnt different fields of specialization have took part  in the ceremony .On June 25/2009 E.C, more than 200 students were graduated at Gimbi campus in the related fields of social sciences . Furthermore, on the June 27/2009E.C more than 120 students have graduated from Shambu campus in the related fields of Agriculture.

6O3A4822Generally, the data of 2017GC graduates looks like:

  1. Male------1635, Female------785----->Total=2420
  2. Male -----53, Female------32----->Total=85

PGDTMale -----762, Female------271----->Total=1033

PGMale -----226, Female-----50----->Total=276

Grand Total: Male=2674, Female = 1146, Total=3820

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