WURH: Administration Board meeting

WURH: Administration Board meeting

photo 2022-08-11 08-31-49Wallaga University Referral Hospital's (WURH) Administration board evaluated 2014 plan execution report and held discussion on 2015 E.C work plan and related issues.

Dr Diriba Diba, Vice president for Research, Community Service and Industry Linkage, welcomed the board members and introduced the agendas for discussion.

Reviewing and approving previous minute, evaluating 2014 plan execution report, discussion on major activities to be done in 2015 plan, integration of Institute of Health Sciences (IHS) and the hospital's staff, and a plan to upgrade the hospital to Comprehensive Specialized hospital were agendas the board discussed, among others.

photo 2022-08-11 08-32-37Dr Temesgen Tilahun, Chief Executive Director (CED) of the HIS reflected and highlighted on the previous assignments or directions from the board meetings. Presently, the hospital has able to open three (3) model pharmacies. It was also stated the land is being secured from Nekemte City Admn, the location and a land (to give service in its own building) is identified for the model pharmacy and Ambulance dispatch center at the center. At the moment, Ambulance dispatch center is operational. As it is in the Hospital's compound and it will soon move to the town's center following land identification and handing over by the town's Administration. Customers and the surrounding community may call 9884 is a free to get service of Wabi Ambulance. The director has also reported that 400 m2 lands is secured in front of Gimbi Adventist Hospital and extended his gratitude to Gimbi town administration.

Regarding Doctors' residence, 6 houses are completed and 6 specialized Doctors from 6 departments are given the houses where two (2) doctors have already moved to their houses.

An apartment planned host 27 households will be completed in September 2015 E.C. The remaining finishing works are currently underway, the director told the board.

It was also stated that the hospital is hiring specialized doctors in a departments where shortage specialized physicians is acute. Through Blood donation campaign held by the hospital on which the University management participated, 114 Unit blood have been collected, the director explained.

photo 2022-08-11 08-32-41Dr. Temesgen has also mentioned that Oncology service and dermatology will start soon as MOH has given license to the hospital. Currently, 35 speciality Doctors and 34 speciality residents are learning in the institute. Above 48.000 patients were treated in the hospital, the plan was 42, 000.

The board members have also appreciated the success registered during the budget year and underscored that the hospital should work hard and pay attention to quality of care to patients visiting the hospital. The board has also approved the plan to integrate Staff in IHS and the Hospital to increase practical education of the institutes' students and increase their passage in National Licensure exam and to give better clinical service to the community and surrounding zones.

Honorable, Obbo Tolera Regassa, Mayor of Nekemte town, on his part welcomed the achievement of the Hospital in the previous year. He has also reassured that his administration is committed to avail services the hospital needs to run its activities such as land for construction of model pharmacy in the town and dispatch center for Ambulance. The board memers have also appreciated the effort and support from the town's mayor, Obbo Tolera Regasa.

Finally, the board has also endorsed the plan to upgrade the hospital to Comprehensive Specialized Hospital to give better service the surrounding peoples and advised the management to exhaust and meet checklists of MoH. One the area our University is working on is to excel in Health Science Education.

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