Excellence in Trauma Care center

Excellence in Trauma Care center

Excellence in Trauma Care center 3Since it was differentiated as University of Applied Science our university has been doing various activities which will help it to smoothly transform itself from comprehensive to Applied. Drafting and defending strategic plans (ten years', five years' and three years'), reviewing existing curricula (UG, Graduate) and developing new ones, conducting program Audit, strengthening partnerships with local industries, research institutes, sister higher institutions (both within boundary and abroad), identifying and establishing Excellence areas are some of the core activities done so far.

Excellence in Trauma Care center 4Health Science as one of the Excellence areas identified, establishing Excellence in Trauma Care at Nekemte town under Institute of Health Science is also part of the effort and paving the way to make our University, University of Applied Science.

In complex and continually changing environments, some health care institutions are seeking to differentiate themselves by establishing niche programs focused on particular areas of medicine, delivering world class care and attention on these selected fronts which is known as centers of excellence.

To this end, the Institute has organized a workshop to establish trauma care center for the Western part of the country. The institute held one day workshop with key stakeholders to get further input and support before launching the kick off program.

Excellence in Trauma Care center 1Chief executive Director of the Institute of Health Sciences, Dr Temesgen Tilahun, in his welcoming speech addressed the workshop participants Wallgga University has been contributing to the wellbeing of the society by producing skilled and competent health professionals. Currently, the institute is working to improving the quality of services it renders beside the efforts to make advanced and high treatment services accessible in the hospital, the chief remarked.

Delegate of the president of our university, and Academic Affairs vice president, Dr. Melka Hika, on his part while giving opening speech encouraged the participants to contribute their expertise to the establishment of the center.

Keynote speaker of the event, prof. Aklilu Azeze (renowned internist from Black Lion Hospital), presented the workshop participants on the importance of launching the center.

In his presentation trauma is the most neglected area of treatment. Availing such services in Western Ethiopia is a timely decision on part of the University and a plan to give services to more than six million people. Having Trauma care center will improve the entire services of the University and its Hospital as a system, the speaker underscored. It will open doors for networking to work with similar health care stakeholders.

Giving keynote speech on a topic as a second guest of the event was Dr. Menbeu Sultan (wel known internist from St. Paul Hospital). He emphasized that Emergency care/treatment is time sensitive and 54% of death can be addressed by establishing emergence and trauma center, according to WHO, said the speaker. Injury related deaths of the young and economically important forces can be tackled by having such centers and Wallagga University's plan to launch such center in the western corridor is a Goodnews, remarked, Dr. Menbeu.

The workshop will continue with overall discussions and reflections on resented topics in the afternoon.

Every day the lives of more than 14,000 people are cut short as a result of an injury caused from acts of violence against others or Knezek, road traffic, crashes, burns, drowning, folks, and poisonings.

About 250 invited guests, from nearby the Hospital in the catchment area, from Health bureaus, No of participants....

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