Graduation 2010

graduationWollega University has graduated more than 6000 (six thousand) graduates by its 10th Students’ Graduation Ceremony on 1st -3rd July, 2018 from all campuses: Main (Nekemte), Shambu and Ghimbi Campuses by undergraduate program, Post Graduate program and Innovative Medicine. The University is playing its National mission by graduating qualitative, competent and problem solving professionals. Dr. Eba Mijena, University’s President, who is at the right side and graduation2speaking, make a wonderful speech to graduates saying that “you’re graduated not only for yourself and your family but also for the country, for our community and thus, you should actively be involved in your country’s or community’s affairs, solve the problem of the society or the country using the knowledge and skills you accumulated during your stay in the University.” It’s due to such hard working that Wollega University ranked first for successive two times exceeding other universities from its generation. The university is also benefiting the country particularly the surrounding community through teaching learning, community service and problem solving researches.

graduation1Wollega University also awarded students who are top scorers in their education during their stay in the university. This awarding of students, in addition to recognizing their academic efforts, motivates other students to work hard focusing on their education during their stay in the University and creates a sense of competition between them. This also has its own role in achieving quality education, on which the university is doing employing its utmost capacity day and night all the times; that is why its motto is “ICON OF QUALITY AND RELEVANCE”

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