Guduru Ranch: Center for the Conservation and Dissemination of Indigenous HorroGuduruCattle

Wollega University is dedicated to promote academic excellence through different vigorous mechanisms and inter-disciplinary curricula which bring about the required competence with the learners. It also undertakes core research activities which it believes could solve the sensitive problems in its area.On top of that, the university is engaged in various community services in the vicinity.

Among the various community services that the university provides, Guduru ranch plays a leading role. The university has got 769.2 hectares of land from Oromia Agricultural Bureau in Horro Guduru Zonal Administration, and the main purpose of receiving the ranch was to scientifically conserve the indigenous HorroGuduru cattle. The center has strategic plan of producing 50% of Horro–Jersey and Horro-Friesian crossbreed heifers for high quality milk production and dissemination to the farmers in the community. The ranch center is currently working to its level best to conserve the cattle and distribute the improved crossbreed to the community with very low prices.

For the effect, the university has given awareness-raising trainings to the nearby community to value and care the center as their own property. Recently, the university has allocated a big budget for the betterment of the ranch center so that it serves as center for further teaching, research and community services.

To benefit the area community more, Wollega University has been trying its best to address the area peoples’ needs such as building Milk Factory and one block for primary school that costs more than 4 million birr. Recently, the university has opened MA, BA/Sc Programs in TEFL, Management and Mathematics in Weekend Modalities in Kombolcha Town.

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