Lecture has been given to the students of Nursing and Medicine at Wollega University

Lecture has been given to the students of             

Nursing and Medicine at Wollega University.

Based on the collaboration between the University of Exeter and Wollega University, team of Doctors and Nurses who came from the University of Exeter delivered Lectures and taught the students with practical demonstrations at Wollega University’s Referral Hospital.



Dr. Ian, Leader of the team and Pathologist at the University of Exeter said, “We need to improve the level of collaboration and cooperation between WU and the University of Exter, so it is very essential to give such lectures and that is why we are here and teaching the students with commitment and great responsibility”. He also added that they will continue to share their experiences and skills to the medical students of WU.

WU medical students confirmed that, they have got plenty of knowledge and skills which could help them to master their profession.

Meanwhile, the team with Doctors, Nurses and Medical students from the University of Exeter has made visit at WU medical school of Different Departments. During the visit the team has conducted discussions with the heads of different departments on how to work together, especially on sharing experiences and teaching WU students.


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