June, 2018  


Moot Court Competition

low1Wollega University Law School has become the national champion in Best Memorial of the International Red Cross Society’s National Moot Court Competition held between 16 and 19 May 2018 at Hawassa University. The Law School also finished 5th in the oral round of the competition. The competition is an annual moot court competition organized by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) to enhance students’ understanding of International Humanitarian Law and their argumentation skills. The competition has two rounds: the preliminary round and the oral round.lawFrom 19 Universities that took part in the competition, only seven universities passed to the final round while Hawassa University automatically qualified as the host of the competition. Wollega University is one of the seven universities to qualify for the final competition where the Law School finished as national champions in Best Memorials. The Law School received a national award of three books on IHL and each team member also received a personal prize. Wollega University Moot Court Team was represented by a coach Mr. Chimdessa Fekadu and three 4th year law students (Henok Mulatu, Obse Basha and Adugna Melaku).We congratulate the Law School for this incredible achievement!

low2Wollega University Law School in partnership with Amicus Media Promotion and  Communications organized an academic debate on Federal vis-à-vis Regional Governments’ power to ensure Peace and Safety in Regional States’. The Academic debate was held on 15 May 2018 at Wollega University Postgraduate Hall. The debate was opened with a short remark by the Honourable Dr.Eba Mijena, the President of Wollega University. Dr.Eba emphasized the significance of such forums as tools of promoting the University’s research and academic activities in parallel with exchanging ideas on current topics such as the Ethiopian federal power structure. The President also commended the Law School’s Centre for Moot Court and Legal Profession Development for organising the debate. low3Following the opening speech, two teams from the Law School comprised by a Lecturer and a student each presented their arguments in favour and against the existing power sharing structure in Ethiopian federation with special emphasis on maintain peace and safety. Following the presentation and clarification questions by judges, a team that argued in favour of the existing power sharing structure prevailed with 82.5 % overall score.

 low4At the end of the debate, the dean of the Law School Mr. Obsa Degabasa made a closing speech thanking both the staff of the Law School and Amicus Media Promotions and Communications for their crucial roles in organising the debate.

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