College of Natural & Computational Sciences, Department of Mathematics conducted successful PhD dissertation defense Wallaga University: 12-14 July 2022

PhotoIn the current academic year, the College of Natural and Computational Sciences has attained great success as it brought about an achievement of 7 PhD candidates including the above 5 candidates. This increases the number of PhD graduates to 21 individuals since the PhD Program was launched in the College of Natural and Computational Sciences at Wollega University

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Here is the welcoming and Opening Speech and message to our graduates by His Excellency, Dr Hasan Yusuf, and the University

graduation 2022Wallaga University start to function in 2007 with a mission of producing competent and innovative professionals in various disciplines through practical, lifelong learning, engaging in research, technology transfer, community services and promote good governance to the development endeavors.

The University has commenced its teaching function with four faculties namely: 1) Faculty of Business and Economics; 2) Faculty of Natural Sciences; 3) Faculty of Social Sciences and Language studies and 4) Faculty of education (totally 17 academic programs). Nowadays, the university discharges its academic responsibility with two institute (Institute of Language Studies and Journalism); six colleges (Natural and Computational Science, Engineering and Technology, Business and Economics, Social Science, Institute of Health Science and college of Education and Behavioral Science). 

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Medals and Cup Award Ceremony

graduation 2022 medals and cup

While graduates (female separately and all among themselves) who have excelled from all colleges and schools were awarded Medals. 


Kolleejjotaafi Manneen Barnootaa irraa Barattoonni eebbifamoo shamarran (qofaatti) qabxii olaanaa galmeesissaniif akka waliigalaatti Medaaliyaabadhaafaman

Kolleejjotaafi manneen barnootaa irraa barattoota qabxii olaanaa galmeesissaniif medaaliyaan kennama

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